Our Archive


Corporate archive is the central archive of organizations and institutions in which archive materials and archival materials are archived for a longer span of time (for 10-15 years or indefinitely) compared to departmental archives.


University archive organizes, files, stores, brings into use and if deemed necessary, disposes the documents which are created by university departments. All the processes are based on certain standards.

University archives are separated into two; administrative and scientific archives.

1. Administrative: Internal and external correspondences, documents necessary for the institution (about the administration of university, duties and authorities of departments and staff), financial, legal, historical and research documents.

2. Scientific: Unpublished scientific research and reports, course contents and tools and materials, theses, patient files, backgrounds of university staff, remarks and documents related to projects; in other words documents with regard to academic staff of university.

Journey of Documents

Documents go through several phases such as production, circulation in and out of institution, withholding due to their currency, elimination (removing the documents which do not have a sustained value), and disposal of the documents which do not have archival value, preserving (archiving) documents and putting them into use.

Document Management at Universities

It is an integrated program applied on current and semi-current documents making it possible to produce documents; inspect production; distribute, utilize, file the documents; carry out documentation processes; provide access to documents; archive and maintain documents; eliminate the documents which do not have administrative, legal, research value and are not related with public interest; dispose unnecessary documents; transfer documents to corporate archive and from corporate archive to historic archive.

Document Management Processes 

The Purposes of Archive and Document Management at Atilim University

 1. To ensure that document production processes of all academic and administrative departments are carried out in accordance with the provision of current legislations.

 2. To provide access to information and documents in line with requests.

 3. To facilitate access to documents by classifying them effectively.

 4. To reduce the number of documents kept in departments.

 5. To ensure that only necessary documents are kept.

 6. To save on labor force by utilizing technology. (Digital Archive)

 7. To protect corporate documents from being lost or damaged and provide their safety.

 8. To archive non-current documents.

 9. To eliminate the documents which are not necessary to be archived.

10. To protect historical records of the university.

11. To assure institutionalization of processes by reducing the dependence on individuals and enhancing reliability, quality and sustainability.

12. To ensure that corporate archive works as an information center by utilizing technology effectively.

Our archive was founded on 72-square meter area except office rooms at the ground floor of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences with modern compact archive cabinet. The university provided additional storage area to our directorate on the basis of the amount of information and documents produced in line with the development of our university.

Files kept our archive:

  • Files of the Office of Executive Secretary
  • Resolution Files of University Senate and Executive Committee
  • Files of Faculties and Institutes
  • Files of the Office of General Secretary
  • Files of Academic and Administrative Staff
  • Activity Reports
  • Files of Registrar Office
  • Student Files, Files of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
    • Diplomas
    • Student Receipts
    • Student Petitions
  • Files of YÖK (Council of Higher Education) Audit Report
  • Educational Files
  • Files of Financial Accounts
  • Shuttle Routes
  • Announcements
  • Files of the Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs
  • Files of Public Relations
  • Files of the Directorate of Security
  • Files of the Directorate of Library and Documentation
  • Exam Files
  • All Official Letters sent to our University