Departmental Archive Transactions

Departmental Archive Transactions

Departmental Archive

             Departmental archives keep the archival materials which are produced as a result of the duties and activities of organizations and institutions and still actively used in the daily work flow of various departments of these organizations as they keep their actuality.

File Transfer to Departmental Archive

            Departments review their archival materials belonging to the previous year in January every year. Archival materials are separated into three groups; the documents which have been processed, are being processed and should be kept although they have been processed. After the separation, the materials are transferred to Departmental Archive within the first trimester of the next calendar year considering the department, transaction year, possession, confidentiality, attachments, etc. of the documents following conformity check.

Standard file plan is taken into consideration while transferring documents to Departmental Archive and documents are transferred with inventory lists in principal order.

Archival materials are kept in departmental archive for 1 - 5 year(s) in accordance with hierarchical structure and standard file

 plan within principal order.

Departmental Archive Transactions

1- Transfer - Acceptance

o    Checking whether folders comply with Standard File Plan

o    Checking whether the information on the spine of folders complies with documents

o    Correcting documents, in case of misarrangement

o    Completing the deficiencies in documents and attachments

o    Labeling registers, covers and envelopes

2- Replacement in Departmental Archive

3- Preservation Storage

4- Archive Utilization Service (Internal Service)

5- Inventory

6- Transfer - Delivery (to Corporate Archive)

o    Completing the deficiencies in documents and attachments

o    Labeling registers, covers and envelopes

o    Transferring with registers or leaf

Elimination and Disposal in Departmental Archive

Elimination and disposal processes are not conducted in departmental archives. These processes are carried out in Corporate Archive.

Transferring Documents to Corporate Archive

        When storage period of archival materials in departmental archive expires, they are transferred to corporate archive upon conformity check. Archival documents are kept in their original order without impairing their integrity. The organization, department and sub-units which process archival materials are determined within hierarchical integrity. The documents of each department are sorted. Archival materials are kept in corporate archives in compliance with the provisions of relevant legislation.

Sample File/Folder Label to be used according to Standard File Plan

Archive Handover Inventory Form to be used in Document Transfer from a Unit to Departmental Archive and from Departmental Archive to Corporate Archive

File Content List