Atilim University Electronic Document Management System


Atilim University Electronic Document Management System


             Electronic document management system chooses the documents, which may be the evident of administrative activities, among all kinds of documentation produced by administrative units during their work flow; protects content, metadata, format and relational features; provides electronic management of documents.

Source: “The Regulation of the Principles and Procedures to be applied in Official Correspondences” published in the Official Gazette with the number 29255

What is the purpose of Atilim University EDMS?

          By ensuring that both internal and external correspondences are exchanged by means of computers, EDMS aims to:

·         Save on labor, time and stationery expenses;

·         Standardize the correspondences;

·         Shorten forwarding, initials and approval periods o correspondences;

·         Archive the correspondences properly.

What can be done with EDMS?

·         Documents can be sent to correct person in the easiest way by means of defined work flow routines.

·         Current situation of documents can be tracked during their circulation.

·         Documents can be rapidly filed and archived.

·         Documents can be accessed with one click thanks to various searching criteria based on authorization levels.

·         Same document can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously.

·         Initialing process and order of documents in distribution and circulation can be defined.

·         Documents can be distributed to more than one receiver with one click simultaneously.

·         System authorizations can be transferred to another employee in the cases where an employee goes on leave or a department have night duty.

·         Pending and processed documents can be checked and employee performance can be evaluated.

·         It provides access and inaccessibility security for documents.

·         It makes it possible to exchange correspondences and share documents via computers with digital signature.

·         Digital signature will make it possible to exchange not only internal but also external correspondences via computers.

 Benefits of EDMS

·         Reduces document preparation and conservation costs.

·         Saves on stationery expenses, time and labor.

·         Assures secure and non-spatial access opportunity.

·         Provides fast and accurate document flow.

·         Reports the issues occurring in all processes. It turns archived document into managed information.