Our task

       The Duties of Archive and Document Management at Atilim University 

  • To ensure that archive policies are determined and implemented so that the documents produced by the departments of our university are detected and collected according to the provisions of relevant legislations and contemporary developments; sorted out and maintained according to archiving methods and techniques; accessed in the easiest way;
  • To ensure that all departments of our university prepare documents in compliance with the provisions of relevant legislations and in the same standard;
  • To monitor and control the transfer of documents from departmental archives to corporate archive;
  • To follow and implement relevant legislations and the technological and scientific changes and developments in archiving;
  • To keep the documents transferred to corporate archive, in accordance with the provisions of relevant legislations maintaining their original order in the sections allocated for each department;
  • To ensure that departments access their documents in the corporate archive when they need;
  • To eliminate and dispose all kinds of materials which are not required to be used and kept;
  • To establish Elimination and Disposal Commission for these procedures;
  • To choose the documents which are determined to be archival material and going to be transferred to General Directorate of State Archives, and transfer these documents with transfer-delivery inventory forms;
  • To take necessary precautions to protect the archival materials in the Directorate of Archive and Document Management against humidity, heat, fire and pests within current storeroom conditions as imposed by relevant legislations;
  • To ensure that Higher Education Supreme Bodies and Higher Education Institutions Standard File Plan with Preservation Period established in coordination with the General Directorate of State Archives is implemented in a way that it covers the whole organization of the University to determine a general method to file documents to be created digitally or in document form and provide an easy and quick access for these documents in case of need;
  • To prepare Archive Services Activity Report of our University each year and send it to the General Directorate of State Archives pursuant to the principles of the Regulation on State Archive Services;
  • To register recently-launched or closed departments into Electronic Public Information Management System of the Prime Ministry, define a state organization number to relevant department or delete the number from the system.